Friday, June 21, 2013

Money Saving Tips (Easy Ways :)

In this scenario where economic crisis is affecting almost every country, money saving has become of great importance and has brought the eyes of many an individual towards it. Having some money saved in your kitty keeps you confident and ready for any urgency. Money saving is considered as a hectic task but if you follow some tips, you can save enough of it. Here are some money saving tips:

  • Tax relief benefits assist in your money saving plan. If you are widowed, unemployed or disabled, you are entitled to have the tax reliefs for social welfare. In such a case, you can contact Revenue Site, the Department of Social and Family Affairs or the Citizens Information Center in such a situation.
  • In case you have any unwanted subscription services, like if you signed up to a trial service by a TV channel and you are now paying for a full service, cancel that unwanted subscription. Many such offers come up with automatic update to a full time service. Make sure before subscribing for any such services that it does not cost you more after a specific time period.
  • Sometimes, people duplicate their insurance policies unknowingly. Many insurance policies come with additional benefits like a life insurance package might come with travel insurance or some other policies. Therefore, you need not insure yourself for the same through some other policy. This will save you premiums that you may need to pay for that specific type of insurance.
  • Make sure while making any payment that you are making the cheapest form of payment. Some of the utility companies would offer you discounts if you pay them through debit cards rather than direct cash.
  • Save money invested on phone and electricity bills. There are websites that will help you know how to save money from electricity and phone bills. You can analyze your own needs of these both and use plans that fit you. For an example, if you more often make STD calls, you should opt for a STD pack offered by the carrier provider and save money. Learn electricity saving tips to lower your investment in electricity.
  • Buy stuff online rather than going to a store. Online providers offer you stuff free from retailers charge and many other extra charges. When buying items that need not be examined at the store, like a book, C.D, etc., you can buy them online and you will get them cheap.
  • You can use a spending calculator to know how much you spend each day and how much your budget or your income allows you to do.
  • Avoid wasting money on useless things. If your budget is tight, you should opt for articles that you really need. Do not waste money on luxurious items that are not needed.
  • If you have big debt on your credit card, and you are not able to pay off all those debts on time, you should switch to a zero interest card. Many credit card owners offer you plans under which you can pay interest free debts for a period of 3 moths or 6 months as per their rule. This period is known as grace period and they give you the facility to carry your previous debts to this new credit card.
  • Move back to your parent’s home if you are living on rent. This will save you a huge amount. You may feel in the initial stage that you are losing your privacy in a small place, but then gradually you will get used to it and will love the company of your family members.
  • Make less use of your car. Do not use your car for a kilometer or so and you can rather walk to the place. It will save you petrol as well as keep you healthy and fit.
When buying prescription medicines check for its cost at different pharmaceutical stores and you will probably find a price difference between two. Buy it from the store where you get it the cheapest.

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