Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trying to escape the unemployment trap?

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According to a study by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) the number of permanent jobs fell for the first time in 6 months in June 2012 so for those who are unemployed or just left university, the prospects don’t look rosy.

Unemployment is set to increase as a new wave of graduates are set to enter the labour market over the summer. If this trend continues there is a danger that unemployment could hit 3 million in the not too far distant future, so what options are available?

Why are Payday Loan Affiliate Programs a good option for the unemployed?

There is the option of tedious days, trailing the Internet for jobs, writing applications, altering your CV only for it all to be fruitless or you could take control. Payday loan affiliate programs are a fantastic way to make money from home and if a pinch of dedication and enthusiasm is thrown into the mix they can be extremely profitable.

You can be up and running in no time meaning you can start making money immediately. All affiliates start out on the same revenue split but if you are successful and drive a lot of converting traffic/leads then this will be increased so that you receive more money for your leads.

Are Payday Loan Affiliate Programs complicated?

If you are worried that it is complicated, lengthy and expensive to set up, worry not! The best payday loan affiliate programs will have several ways in which you can integrate – set you up with a payday loan website that is ready to go; put their form onto your website; or you could just have a banner on your already existing site or blog and earn money through a pay per click campaign.

The best payday loan affiliate programs will have a dedicated support team that will advice you on which is the best integration option for you and how to make the most out of it.

Are Payday Loan Affiliate Programs expensive to set up?

With the best payday loan affiliate programs you shouldn’t expect any set up costs and you can be ready to go instantly. Once you are up and running it is then up to you as to how much you push traffic to your site; the more high quality traffic to your site, the more chance you have of those people applying and the lenders accepting which means more commission for you!

Are Payday Loan Affiliate Programs lengthy and unrewarding?

The emergence of ping tree systems in the payday loan affiliate industry means that as soon as a customer on your site submits their form it is immediately sent to multiple lenders on a tier from high to low until the lead is accepted. Once the lead is accepted you will receive your commission, the amount of which depends where on the tier the lead is accepted.

The best payday loan affiliate programs integrate with the biggest payday loan lenders in the industry as well as micro lenders and private lenders so there is a greater chance of your leads converting. They will also offer you a choice of how often you want to be paid either weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.

Take control of your life and start making money instantly with a payday loan affiliate program!

Amy Wilde is a marketing professional, currently embroiled in the world of Quiddi, a payday loan affiliate program; using her wisdom and inside knowledge to enlighten people on modern day online moneymaking ideas as well as pros and cons of the payday loan industry.

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