Monday, August 22, 2011

Integrate and Enhance Your Business Links through B2B POS

Business-to-Business Sales (B2B Sales) refer to the concept of sale between businesses. A B2B sale involves a bigger picture than Business to Consumer (B2C) sale. In generating more prospective B2B POS, you can make use of the technique of covert hypnosis and NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming, since this type of sale also concerns a person-to-person interaction. Covert Hypnosis in simple terms refers to a process of putting a person in the state of walking trance without his or her realization.

This particular process in great ways can influence the buying decision of the consumer. To add to the effect, you can also use the concept of NLP. This concept believes in using certain words and phrases that can usher a huge effect on the thought process and behavior of an individual. To achieve best results, you need to build a strong relation with the consumer. Pacing is just another way of improving a strong relation with the consumer. This concept works in accordance with noticing the breathing pattern of the consumer and slowly matching up to the pattern.

The next in line focuses upon physical pacing. This process simply refers to the idea of matching up to physical posture of the consumer. You can check with the credibility of your effort by changing your posture, which will make your consumer change his or her physical stance as well. Following the posture, the salesperson looks forward in delivering in the similar speech pattern of the consumer. This involves rhythm, pattern, pitch, dictum, and tone. Success of this can be checked with the same process of changing your speech style to notice the change in the consumer.

The other types of pacing involve matching up the language and volume following the words that are specifically used by the consumer. At the end of it all, you as a salesperson also need to match up to the emotional pacing of the consumer. All these processes in combination always help in generating a better lead and a successful B2B POS.

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