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How to get free credit score without credit card

Why would you need to have credit score?

If you want to go anywhere in life, it is important to have a good credit score. A good credit score can help you get a loan for buying a new home or continuing your education. It also can encourage banks to invest in your company when it is time for your small business to start expanding. With good credit scores being so important, many people are afraid to give out their credit card number online. All it would take is for one scammer to get a hold of that precious number and the precious credit score may be ruined forever! So, how do you get your free credit score without giving out your credit card number?

Does every company ask for a Credit card?

Many companies do not do credit scores without a credit card number. This is not because they are planning to charge you, but because the credit card number serves as a personal identification that will help the company find your credit score. Without your credit card number, the company running the credit check will need to have other personal information to be able to do your credit check.

Social security number-A Credit card Substitute?

Typically, a social security number is a good substitute for a credit card number when running a credit check. Your social security number, when coupled with your full name and birth date, should help the company be able to identify you and find your credit score. Some companies feel this is not enough, however. After all, identity thieves steal names and social security numbers all the time! In these cases, the company running the credit check may ask for a scan of your driver's license or photo ID to help prove you are who you say you are. Typically, these will have to be emailed to customer support for your personal safety.

Is all this Hassle worth it?

If all of this sounds like a pain and as if you are actually giving the company far more information by not giving out your credit card number, you are right! Most credit check companies ask for your credit card number so they will not have to ask for your social security number, a scan of your driver's license and other personal information. However, if you do not have a credit card number or really do not want to give it out, giving the credit check company all of this alternate information instead for your free credit score will be worth it.

What can u benefit from a free credit check?

With a free credit check you can keep an eye on how your credit is doing. You can make improvements on your credit if you need to or you can continue to maintain it as you have been. It is not necessary to use a credit card to request a free credit check so you don't have to apply for a card in order to do so. This can actually save you time if you don't have one because you simply use the documentation that you already have, plus you don't need to put yourself in the situation of having one with all of the temptation of increasing debt load.

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