Friday, January 28, 2011

Insurance & We

The role of of insurance in our life is very important. It's very common that most of the people do insurance in their life because those people want to keep their life in happiness.
There are different kinds of insurance in the market for different purpose. In this article you can find out some basic idea about the insurance.
We can define insurance as a small amount of money deposited at a premium to protect against a big expense unpredictable ( claim of loss ). So, If we make insurance then we can protect our self against any major expense unpredictable.
The following are some example of different kinds of insurance like Life Insurance, Health Insurance, General Insurance and Travel Insurance etc.

Life Insurance is one of the good product in Insurance sector. Every people should do the life insurance because in this insurance you can cover those people who is dependent on you.
Life insurance is an insurance, where the dependent of policy holder receive a cash lump sum if he or she dies. You need to pay premium for life insurance as well but within this premium amount you can secure the life of that person who is dependent on you.

We know that health is wealth so if we believe this then we should do health insurance in our life. Health insurance provide financial protection in the time of sickness or injury. There may be some diseases which does not cover by health insurance in spite of this health insurance is very beneficial for people. Here is also you need to pay some premium but if you can cover yourself and your family members' health with some small amount then you should go ahead.

General insurance is a non-life insurance policies within this insurance you can cover the risk of automobiles and homeowner policies.
If you are a frequent traveler then you have a good insurance like travel insurance because travel insurance cover various aspects of loss before or during your vacation.

If you did not make any insurance then you should think about the insurance. Insurance can be the key of happiness in your life.

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